Love Is . . .


Lake Erie Beach

Love is . . .
A newborn’s cry
A twinkle in the eye
The joy of being alive
Expansive as the sky.

Love is . . .
Laughing, sometimes crying
The pain of someone’s dying
Bright petals of flowers
Long, leisurely hours.

Love is . . .
The music of a song
Trying to get along
The freshness of the dawn
The fiery setting of the sun.

Love is . . .
Always learning something new
About the lover who is close to you
Worlds within worlds yet to discover
My parents, sister and brother.

Love is . . .
Watching our children grow
So much to learn, so much to know.
Feeling again in their potentiality
The surge, the pulse, of life to be.

Trudy Prins

After some trial and error, I published my first episode on  Many thanks to the local library’s Gale course instructor for patient instruction!

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