We All Have Gifts – They Differ

This week, on a lighter note, I thought I’d include a script written for a puppet performance at Friendship Club, a weekly event held at the church for people with mental disabilities.     We had a lot of fun with these puppets.  It’s very interesting to see performers come out of their shells and really ham it up, and  audience reception was enthusiastic.

Cast of Characters:  Narrator, Melody, Rhythm, Blue

Narrator:  I would like you to meet some members of First Puppet Church.  This is Rhythm, Melody, and Blue.  The Bible tells us that we all have different gifts, so let’s just listen as these members tell us about their gifts.

Rhythm:  I have to say that I really sometimes wonder whether I fit in anywhere.  You could say that I march to the beat of a different drummer.  Sometimes people think my talent is really just a lot of noise.  (Bangs on drum.)

Blue:  I like to sing, but not all the songs suit how I feel, and I don’t know a lot about music.  Sometimes when I look at other people’s gifts, I just want to hide my little gift away, and it makes me feel so blue.  (He hangs his head.)

Melody:  Well, I think I have a bee-utiful voice, much better than some other people have.  God must think I’m pretty special to have given me such a great gift.  People come a long way to hear “Moi.”

Narrator:  Well, it appears we have a bit of a problem here.  Rhythm has a gift, but he thinks people might not want to hear it.  Blue has a hard time using his gift when he feels it’s not really much, and Melody thinks it’s all about her.  Melody, first of all, when you sing about God, does it matter what you’re thinking?

Melody(preoccupied with preening)  What?

Narrator:  Your gift comes from God, but it’s not to make you look good.  It’s about worshiping God and loving other puppets through your singing.  It’s a “gift,” remember?  You need to think (taps her head lightly and affectionately) and sing from your heart, so that others can receive that gift.

Melody:  Oh.

Narrator:  And Blue, God just wants you to be honest.  If you are feeling sad, you can make that part of just the right song, and it will be beautiful.  We need you, too!  Everyone’s talent matters, everyone’s life matters, and our puppet church just wouldn’t be the same without you.

Blue:  You really, really want me?

Narrator:  Absolutely!

Blue:  All right, then!  I’m ready whenever you want me.

Narrator:  Rhythm, the drums might sound like a lot of noise to people who don’t understand your gift.  But they don’t understand that some things work better when everybody’s gift is included.  Let’s see if we can put this together.

Puppets:  (Singing) Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Blue’s line is “sometimes I’m down.”

Narrator:  Thank you, Puppet Praise Team!  We enjoyed your music and  are very glad that you were able to share with us.  We could give you the gift of listening.  And thank you, God, because all good gifts are from you and will help us to grow.

Narrator:  Turning to audience) Thank you all for joining us in our special interview tonight!

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  1. I can see how working with puppets would help in learning to write dialogue – getting into the different voices and perspectives.

    I know when I worked in the Nursing Home, Randy Embro, a ventriloquist – letting the various residents hold his puppets/dummies really engaged them and how they interacted with them.

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