Dance an Irish Jig

Nina Garman –

Perhaps we all carry a little bit of Celtic legacy, for we love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Our Friendship students had no difficulty in chiming in with rhyme on these couplets.

Oh, bide a while you friendly band
As I tell of St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

In honour of great St. Patrick
We will attempt a limerick.

Once a year, on March seventeen
Search your closet and wear something green.

The Trinity, so did St. Patrick talk
Is very like to a three-leaf shamrock.

Patrick banished these creatures, they did us forsake
And in all of Ireland, you’ll not find a snake.

Now you see him, now he’s gone
A little man called a leprechaun.

At the end of the rainbow, I’ve been told
He has hidden a pot of gold.

I’ve heard it said, and  I often wish
I could have the luck of the Irish.

For I’ve looked everywhere, all over
For a lucky four-leaf clover.

But it’s getting dark, by faith and begorra
I guess I’ll have to look tomorra.

Now the party begins, both little and big
Come together to dance an Irish jig.

When the music begins, I want to be in the middle
Bring out the dancers, and take out the fiddle!

The Irish love whisky, and there’s plenty of gin
But pray heaven keep me from a lifetime of sin.

If you don’t want any of that special green brew
Help yourself to a bowl of Irish stew.

The Irish gift of gab is in the stories they tell
A silver tongue makes for a tale told well.

If you want this gift for your own
You must kiss the Blarney stone.

You will live fine, and be fancy for certain
Hang in your window an Irish lace curtain.

When Irish eyes are smiling, you’ll be smiling, too
It’s St. Patrick’s Day, what else can you do?

Because it’s so true, what the Irish say
Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

Trudy Prins