Around the World

Take a  trip around the world!  Once you’ve completed the riddles, you can follow the link below.   Dedicated to Duncan for his 12th birthday!     (Jacquie Lawson)

For the last three months, we have been unable to venture out to travel, and some of us were greatly disappointed because long-awaited dream trips had to be cancelled.   Our wanderlust has had little opportunity to be indulged, so here’s a little taste of exotic in riddle.  You can add your own stanzas and locales if you are so inclined!

Where Am I?

Lofty pyramids built in the sand
Camels with their humps of two,
The Nile flow irrigates the land
Where am I?           (Egypt)

Palm trees wave and Disney World
Brings flocks of winter snowbirds.
To the sky, the space shuttle is hurled
Where am I?           (Florida, USA)

Clomp along in a pair of wooden shoes,
Watch windmills, their arms a-spinning
Taste cheeses – Gouda or Edam – you can choose.
Where am I?           (Holland)

Strange creatures here, a kangaroo
With a baby in its pouch.
Traveler, stow your port in a car boot.
Where am I?           (Australia)

Double decker buses grinding gear
The chiming of Big Ben
Elizabeth reigns as monarch here.
Where am I?           (England)

Listen: the bagpipes sound loud and clear,
Or glimpse the monster in the loch,
Aye, indeed, poet Robbie was born here.
Where am I?           (Scotland)

Dressed in saris, the women are lovely
Crowds fill the streets of Bombay
See a tiger, ride elephants for a fee.
Where am I?           (India)

Pilgrim, follow the Santiago trail
Runner, bolt from the bulls in Pamplona.
From this country, Columbus did hail.
Where am I?           (Spain)

Tick, tock, clocks keep the time
The chocolate is dark and delicious.
In the Alps, Heidi and Peter did climb.
Where am I?           (Switzerland)

Now we’re south, as far as we can go
Blinding snow and biting cold
Black and white penguins ride an ice floe.
Where am I?           (Antarctica)

Paddle your canoe in five great lakes
Traverse mountains and forest and prairie
Speak both English and French, s’il vous plait.
Where am I?           

Trudy Prins


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