Colour My World

Art by Ainsley Harrop

There was once an elephant who
Was tired of being wrinkled and gray.
He didn’t see what he could do.
So he lay there the livelong day.

Envying the sauntering peacock
Who flaunted his brilliant blue,
And even those black and white
Like the zebras at the zoo.

There he sat, a dejected lump
Till along came a little mouse
Who ran into him with a bump.
Then asked, “What is the matter?”

So the elephant told his tale piteously
As he carefully guarded his trunk.
“I need to watch,” said he warily
Mice can be so hard to get rid of!”

The mouse patiently listened
Until the story was done.
Then said to him, “You know,
I’m gray, too, but life’s still so much fun.”

“You’re big and I’m little
So it’s somewhat strange to me
You’ve made your world so small.
It’s the big picture you need to see.

Open your eyes, take in the view
And use those huge ears to listen!
See the colours that glow all round you.
You’ll soon dance with the music again!

There’s the blue of the sky
And the green of the grass
There’s a scarlet cardinal
Flitting in the tree I just passed.

The sun is shining yellow
Hyacinths purple and blue
Look! Orange tiger lilies and
Pink petunias in front of you!

So instead of wishing
You are what you’re not
Spending the day whining
For all you’ve not got.

Open all the gifts that you see
Though they seem ordinary
They’re part of the world God made.
Live joyfully, live gratefully.

We were given a wonderful world
There’s always something new
Come, friend, let’s travel together
So we can share it with you!”

                                                            Trudy Prins