Coming Up Roses


Come see my roses climbing,
Said my love one summer’s day,
The breezes are softly caressing
Their crimson petals along the way.

Nestled and twined round trellis high
Beauty that takes my breath away!
How fleetingly petals bloom and die,
The moment lost if I do not stay.


It’s early summer and the world is astoundingly beautiful, the explosion of colour a laughing joy after the dormancy of a long winter and cool spring.   We who live in northern climates have learned to stop and appreciate all that nature has to offer in this short window of time.  There’s a gladness in just being with resurrected life.

The rose theme seems not to be limited to our gardens.  Within a couple of days, we encountered four people named Rose, in various contexts.  Like a bouquet of Roses.  If you pay attention, life is full of odd coincidences, and I’ve learned to just enjoy them.

Perhaps the Master Gardener calls us to take a moment, and enjoy all of His creation, including human beings.  We are not so much set apart from the rest of nature as we are embedded in it.  We, too, revel in the warmth and light of the sun.   When we respond, we are the beloved to the lover, beauty enhances all our senses and makes us fully and achingly alive.  Whether we are walking in a garden or being part of our community, sometimes it’s all so poignant that it hurts.

The rose’s thorn reminds us that these fleeting treasures can’t be held in grasping hands, or taken for granted.  They can only be cherished when we let them be, grateful that we share this moment.