Shed Architecture

It’s quite common for people to put up little toolsheds on their properties to hold yard tools and various implements.   These little structures dot our backyards, and small as they are, they can be very unique.

We both grew up on a farm, and our shed had a mini-barn look.  The roof even sloped off to the side like the typical Farmer McDonald barn.  The neighbour to the north of us found real joy in collecting rocks, and he had an extensive collection.  The shed he put up looked weathered from the start, like an old prospector’s Yukon cabin.  When our next door neighbour built a shed, it looked mystifying tall, until we recalled that he used to manage the local airport.  It just makes sense that he would build a miniature airport hangar!

And tiny and temporary though it is, even the birds create their nests, busily constructing them out of available materials, shelter for themselves and their young ones, as this mother did next to our brick wall.

We all have our place in the world, and these buildings express designer architecture, even if the place be temporary.   Our sand castles, nests, sheds, our houses, our soaring design in skyscrapers or places of worship offer a scope for creativity.  God created us in such diversity and we can express and enjoy it even as the smallest of creatures in the humblest of places.

Mexican-influenced, Salvador and Wilma’s shed.